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Robbie Fryers

 Robbie Fryers

About the company

WaytoB was co-founded by Trinity Engineering and Management graduates Talita Holzer and Robbie Fryers. After graduation the pair looked for avenues to transform their college-based research into a commercially successful spinout company. To date waytoB has won 3 high-profile awards, including the UK-based Tech4Good Award. The team has raised over €400k in funding from Enterprise Ireland and Trinity College and the co-founders have graduated from the EIT Digital Health accelerator program and completed a 4 month program from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. The product is being trialed by several of the largest disability support service providers in Ireland. Trials were recently extended into the UK with local councils and a special needs further education college. WaytoB is currently being funded by an Enterprise Ireland commercialisation award, due to finish in December 2019. By that time, waytoB should be ready for release to the mass market in Ireland and in the UK.

What it does

WaytoB is a smartphone and smartwatch solution, which enables people with intellectual disabilities to navigate outdoor environments by themselves, increasing their level of independence, mobility and social connectedness. It allows the user to reach their destinations safely by following intuitive, icon-based instructions displayed on their smartwatch. The directions are based on the user’s orientation, and are prompted by vibration, which makes the navigation experience much simpler. The user can also rapidly reach an emergency contact through a panic button present on the watch and the phone. The routes are tailored by a partner, who can make sure the user follows a safe path, crosses the road on the right location, gets on the right bus, and more. WaytoB offers peace of mind to loved ones, as a connected partner can securely track the user’s location, heart rate and battery life in real time and get alerted if the user gets off track, stops for too long or is feeling anxious.

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