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Senoptica Technologies

Brendan Rice

 Brendan Rice

Senoptica Technologies has developed intelligent sensors for modified atmosphere packaging. 1/3 of all food produced globally is wasted (UNFAO 2018) and the Senoptica Technologies' ground breaking innovation will help to reduce food waste on the most resource intensive and valuable foods.

Modified atmosphere packaging is hermetically sealed and has its internal gas concentrations modified to help food stay fresher for longer. The Senoptica sensors indicate gas concentration levels and ultimately, pack integrity. Presently, modified atmosphere packaging products are sample tested at the point of production. In most cases these tests are carried out on less than 1% of all packs produced, only represent one point in time and are destructive.

The Senoptica solution is ground breaking because the sensors are printed directly into the packaging. This means that pack integrity can be determined on every pack, in real time, at any point in the supply chain, throughout the entire life of the pack. The technology has application in the food, medical devices, biotechnology and electronics industries but Senoptica will focus on the global food packaging market initially. In food it is estimated that 2% of modified atmosphere packs sold are faulty. This equates to nearly 100 million faulty packs annually in the UK chilled meat market alone. A faulty pack means that the food will not remain fresh to its stated date code causing food to be wasted. Faulty packs are also a potential food safety hazard. Food waste, faulty packs and resulting product litigation create significant costs for food manufacturers and retailers. In addition to helping to reduce food waste, the Senoptica technology will help to reduce costs through the supply chain by reducing production costs, retailer penalties and potential for product litigation.

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