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Alan Barry

 Alan Barry

PlasmaBound provides a step-change technology, termed Controlled Plasma Ablation (CPA), which facilitates the structural adhesive joining of lightweight materials, namely carbon and glass fibre reinforced composites. CPA technology will accelerate the use of these lightweight composite materials into multi-material structural assemblies, by enabling reliable adhesive joining which is stronger than the composite structures themselves.

The technology will satisfy the needs of global enterprises who are aggressively pursuing lightweighting opportunities to meet current and future carbon emissions and fuel efficiency requirements, such as, OEM’s in the Automotive, Aerospace and Mass Transport sectors. Further to this strong and unique value proposition, the technology is bolstered by 3 additional features; no waste production, reduced reliance on metal fasteners and lower production cost through operation simplification (in-line). Vehicles will become lighter at lower cost, effort, and waste.

PlasmaBound is a University College Dublin (UCD) spin-out based in NovaUCD and led by CEO and New Process Introduction (NPI) specialist Alan Barry. Alan has a Life Sciences background, a heavily regulated industry, and 20 years’ experience in both SME and corporate operations, during which he founded and grew a multi-million turnover NPI consultancy firm. PlasmaBound’s CTO is Dr Nick Barry (inventor of the PlasmaBound technology). Nick who was awarded his PhD from University College Dublin (UCD), is a process development and New Technology Introduction (NTI) specialist with 10 years’ R&D experience. Through Enterprise Ireland and InterTradeIreland supports, PlasmaBound is currently engaged with five global OEMs, and is supporting ÉirLoop, Ireland’s entry to the SpaceX Hyperloop competition.

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