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Jonathan Bouchier Hayes

Jonathan Bouchier Hayes

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The OmniSeal Introducer Sheath is the next generation in large diameter femoral artery access devices. It combines the unique OmniSeal Hemostasis Valve with advanced flexible sheath technology to allow the safe and easy delivery of large diameter vascular devices into the vascular system through the femoral artery.

Major problems with current introducer sheaths include blood loss due to back bleeding through the hemostasis valve of the sheath and difficulty in pushing devices through the valve. The OmniSeal Hemostasis Valve is designed to minimize blood loss by sealing around a large range of wires and catheters, including multiple devices at the same time.

I participated in the Enterprise Ireland-supported BioInnovate programme, where I observed that there was an unmet clinical need for a better device to allow the safe and easy delivery of large diameter vascular devices through the femoral artery.

The transfemoral delivery of large diameter vascular devices is increasing significantly with developments in aortic aneurysm repair, aortic valve repair, mitral valve repair and other new technologies.

The market for large diameter introducer sheaths is estimated to be in excess of $300M. The OmniSeal Introducer Sheath is a next generation, enabling technology that will gain significant share in this fast growing market.

I hope to meet potential investors as we are planning to raise seed funding to finalise the development and begin commercialisation of the OmniSeal Introducer Sheath.

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