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Steven Davy

Steven Davy


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LiquidEdge, an enterprise WIFI analytics platform, transforms business WIFI from a costly black box into a revenue generating tool. We simplify the control and use of WIFI so that businesses can understand customer behaviour and use that to maximise the impact of their marketing campaigns.

Businesses dealing with the public today are not getting value from their WIFI, they see it as a cost, as part of the business infrastructure. It is essential that the WIFI quality is good for customers, but there is a tremendous opportunity for WIFI to be used as a tool to understand and engage with customers, ultimately driving top line revenues for the business

Our product is enabled onto existing WIFI networks with no extra hardware, instantly generating value for the business through deep customer insights and offering tangible options to improve onsite customer spend and customer loyalty.

My PhD research at Waterford Institute of Technology focused on making WIFI networks actually work to improve business operations. This required research into how these networks could automatically adjust their configuration to suit business needs. The resulting Intellectual Property is at the core of LiquidEdge, where I was successful in winning Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Funding to bring the technology to market.

Many businesses currently have invested in WIFI networks to meet the demands of a data hungry society, and by all indications are demanding even faster WIFI.

Our technology can be instantly activated onto existing WIFI networks, enabling businesses to understand customer behaviour, dwell time, profiles, loyalty and more, which will improve the effectiveness of personalised marketing campaigns.

We are seeking seed round investment from angel investors to expand our channel partnerships into the UK, and to further deepen the technology development. I hope to make contact with like minded and knowledgeable investors that can help to accelerate this.

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