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Latch Medical


Seamus Morris
Latch Medical


Latch medical has developed a novel tissue anchor that can be used in a wide range of clinical applications. The initial product offering (Relialoc) will comprise a wound closure device. Subsequent products include catheter anchors, biosensor application and drug delivery devices.

Wound closure is a time consuming part of surgery . It can also be technically demanding to achieve optimal wound closure. Conventional techniques utilize sutures or staples which penetrate to the deeper dermal layer of the skin. This causes damage to the soft tissues predisposing to scarring and infection. Latch medical's novel tissue anchor system allows rapid, reproducible, robust wound closure. This is achieved utilizing micro needle technology to achieve stable fixation in the superficial layers of the epidermis.

I am principal investigator on the research project.

The global wound closure market is worth in excess of €6Bn per annum. The Relialoc device aims to disrupt the conventional surgical wound closure market (sutures & staples) which is estimated to be approx €4Bn per annum.

Theatre time is an expensive commodity, estimated to cost €50 / $80 per minute. Surgical wound closure on average takes 1 minute per 1.5cm of wound closed. Relialoc aims to decrease the time taken for skin closure by 80% thus increasing case throughput in the operating theatre. The product aims to diminish post operative infection and wound discharges which can lengthen a patient's hospital stay by optimizing soft tissue wound closure.

Latch medical aims to gain broad exposure to the medtech sector including access to potential future investors.

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