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John Garvey


FarmHedge is an online agribusiness platform that reduces information inefficiency by providing farmers with the opportunity to coordinate their purchasing activity with other farmers in a low cost and flexible way. This also lowers barriers for agribusinesses to reach farmers in new markets – both nationally and internationally.

PROBLEM 1: Agribusinesses incur relatively high sales costs as they seek to coordinate purchases of local groups of farmers.
PROBLEM 2: Asymmetric information creates a barrier for new entrants as they must commit large resources to reach a minimum critical volume of sales.
PROBLEM 3: Farmers are vulnerable to local agribusinesses and they do not have an efficient mechanism to coordinate their purchasing decisions with other local farmers. 

Drafted the idea for commercialisation funding, secured funding and was Principal Investigator leading the development of the idea within the University.

Suppliers can create farmer groups and incentivise farmers to coordinate their purchasing behaviour. This reduces sales costs, improves suppliers’ data on purchasing behaviour and lowers barriers to entry into new markets. FarmHedge connects multiple suppliers to a population of farmers in a unique way. Farmers have the benefits of volume-based discounts on farm inputs. There is no cost to farmers when joining the platform by downloading the FarmHedge app. FarmHedge produces a weather app that syncs with the agribusiness function and this allows the platform to reach a minimum population of farmers and can scale across markets (Europe, US). This solves the typical ‘chicken-and-egg’ challenge that is associated with MSPs (e.g. Airbnb). Suppliers are interested in reaching this initial population of farmers and by publishing transactions on the platform they are pulling more farmers towards the platform.

Generate publicity for the platform to add to existing user population and connect with investors who have an interest in the agritech space and recognise the value proposition of improving information flow in agribusiness market.

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