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Eoghan Finneran


FarmEye is a Software System which forms a digital chain-of-custody from the soil, to the plant, to the animal, to the dinner table.

FarmEye allows the user to easily maintain and analyse a digital record of the soil management and nutrition for every field on the farm.

It is an easy-to-use, highly visual, map-based system for use on laptop, desktop and smart-phone app.

We solve key problems for 2 main groups of customers:

A. The Agribusiness-Corporates: e.g Dairy processors and grain merchants supplying distillers and breweries.
• We provide them with a digital trace-ability chain from the supermarket back to the field of origin. This allows them to stand over the provenance and environmental sustainability of the products they are selling.

B. Agri & Environmental Consultants: 

• We provide agri & environmental consultants with the means to manage and authenticate the environmental sustainability of the nutrient management of every field on their farmer clients' farms. They need this to ensure farmers remain compliant with EU environmental directives, and save money by applying only the required nutrients via fertilisers.

I initially became involved as an Agricultural Consultant contracted to provide commercial guidance to the project in NUIG. I have taken on the role of CEO of the spin-out company.

FarmEye is commercially attractive because managing and making sense of digital field-level data represents the next major step-change in the development of Global Agriculture. Agri-businesses world-wide could significantly simplify their farm nutrient management, while simultaneously recording the provenance and environmental sustainability of their production systems by using FarmEye.

Big Ideas has the potential to introduce FarmEye's novel technology to a broader audience. We aim to gain insight from other high-potential start-ups and to develop relationships with further potential investors and partners.

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