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Michael Mescal

 Michael Mescal

En-Perium – Real time compliant design. Increasing government and regional legislation around green and energy compliant buildings has increased the burden of compliance for both Architects and Engineers. All energy compliant design requires the use of energy analysis software. En-Perium, a next generation energy analysis software has been developed by Michael Mescal, an architect and researcher who specializes in computational design and environmental simulation systems at UCD. The technology was developed due to an increased frustration in architectural and engineering practice with the current generation of energy analysis software systems and the time delays, time costs and consultancy costs they introduced to overall project costs.

En-Perium through its unique technological innovations by passes those time delays and cost overruns by informing the designers in their own CAD systems through an on- screen traffic light system, in real time, which part of a building, is in compliance and which isn’t. The system generates a full energy diagnostic of a building, in real time, with every design change and gives the user the necessary solutions to fix an energy efficiency or compliance issue. What once took days now happens in real time. To date, the project and its team have been funded by an Enterprise Ireland commercialization fund at UCD.

En-Perium is aimed at a growing global market in energy analysis software estimated to be valued at 2.1$ billion per annum by 2222. The team at En-Perium aims to spin out of UCD and launch the product during Q2 of 2019 - giving them time to gain traction in that market before the introduction of the European Nearly Net Zero Energy, building and energy regulations in 2020.

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