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Electrical Analytics


Barry Murphy
Electrical Analytics


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Electrical Analytics provides visibility to power grid operators and large power consumers, so that they can monitor their electrical assets. We have developed a retrofit device that attaches to existing electrical transformers and performs real-time analysis on the health of the transformer and quality of the power. This analysis allows our customers to prioritise maintenance and upgrades, better model their networks, and helps improve efficiency of the electrical grid.

Transformers on the power grid are, on average, over 30 years old in Ireland. Low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles and distributed renewable energy sources have a destabilising effect on the power grid, and utilities have little-to-no monitoring at the low voltage level. Our solution provides this monitoring at low cost and gives actionable intelligence to the grid operator. All aspects of our system have been designed in-house using commodity hardware, giving our team the flexibility to tailor our system to a customer’s specific needs. We have designed our system from the ground-up to be simple and quick to install, since the cost of installation is a major barrier to widespread adoption.

I was finishing my PhD in nanoscience when my advisor, Prof Igor Shvets, approached me with a new idea for a spin-out. He has previously spun out 3 successful businesses so I was delighted for the chance to participate in his new venture. We wrote the EI Commercialisation Fund application together in 2013 so really I’ve been involved since before we were funded.

The use of low carbon technologies is on the rise, and grid operators are increasingly aware of their need for monitoring. The low-voltage distribution transformers that we are targeting make up the largest category of assets operated by a utility. In Ireland alone there are over 20,000 ground-mounted distribution transformers. It has been impractical before now to monitor such a large number of assets, however the development of microprocessor technology in recent years has made possible much more widespread, distributed monitoring and analysis. All this translates to a large accessible market, with a drive from customers and regulators to adopt technologies such as ours.

As we have not launched commercially yet, Big Ideas will be our first major event for the project. I would like to get to know the current commercialisation landscape and meet potential partners in the energy space.

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