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Cortex Analytics

Daniel Regan

 Daniel Regan

Cortex Analytics is a UCD-based start-up which provides predictive analytic solutions for the Life Science markets.

We are in the era of Value-Based healthcare and measuring patient outcomes and experiences is central to how the value of a drug is identified. For example, a KPI of value is adherence to medication. Predictive data on patient adherence is a fundamental and strategic guide to estimating the sustainability of the product, allowing revenues to be modelled, and optimising the marketing and reimbursement processes. Simply put: Improving measurement of how much patients value their drug, increases its dollar value.

Due to recent regulatory trends, such as the FDA allowing measures of patient experience to be used in drug labelling claims, pharmaceutical companies are actively seeking better ways of capturing the full value of their medication to their patients.

However, current solutions in this lucrative market do not measure the true and total value patients place on their medications. Critically, the use of sub-optimal measurement tools reduces the ability to accurately predict KPIs which are vital to measuring patient value, such as adherence, which then reduces companies’ ability to maximise drug reimbursement and revenue.

Cortex Analytics has addressed this problem by developing the Total Patient Value (TPV) toolkit. The TPV is a cloud-based market offering, measuring value via a series of newly developed and validated behavioural metrics, which are scored using a proprietary algorithm, providing predictive information displayed in graphical format. Critically, TPV data can be generated significantly earlier in the drug development process than currently available, saving time and money.

Our data are compelling. A single example of our output provides evidence of the exciting opportunity: In testing among thousands of patients across multiple drugs, our unique and proprietary analytic system classifies non-adherent patients. With 99% accuracy.

Our promise: Better information, sooner.

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