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John O'Connell

 John O'Connell

AudioSourceRE develops cutting-edge software for separating and manipulating sound. This innovative technology can easily unlock and de-mix any music track or audio file without the need to access original master recordings.

The company’s products are launch ready and will give audio engineers, producers, musicians, DJ’s, rap artists and music making enthusiasts new ways to decompose locked music tracks and audio files for reuse in new content saving them considerable time and money.

These products can; - extract and replace instruments in music tracks. - up-mix old sound formats to new ones (like Dolby 5.1). - denoise and repair audio files in broadcasting. - revitalise archive content for reuse and resale. - create music tutorials, karaoke and play along material all using the original content.

AudioSourceRE is a spin-out from Cork Institute of Technology. Dr. Derry Fitzgerald, from the CIT School of Music, developed the technology, while commercialisation is the responsibility of John O’Connell - a digital business executive who has developed beacon brands internationally.

The team also includes Jeremy Sabbatucci (Snr Developer) and Rick Silva (Product Expert). Both have significant domain expertise in audio product development and GTM execution.

The company will target the music recording industry, the broadcast and video/film post production sectors as well as the computer music and DJ software markets - total addressable market value $1.6bn.

The company is currently seeking Series A investment to commercialise the technology.

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